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What we do has a greater responsibility.

As professional photographers sometimes we may take for granted going out there and snap beautiful pictures of those people we call clients, but from time to time, we are faced with a greater responsibility than that, the responsibility of creating images that have a bigger meaning and a big sentimental value to these people we just met. This past labor weekend I had the immense pleasure to photograph a daughter and her 90 year old father. More than creating technically perfect or amazingly posed model pictures, my biggest focus was to create a moment in time they enjoyed together and remember this day by. These pictures will indeed have more and more of an emotional value with the pass of time.

But destiny works in mysterious ways; during this same week I was approached by another nice lady whose mother is terminally ill and would like to create happy memories now. Imagine having this responsibility on your shoulders. These are the pictures she will look at in the future, hopefully her mother will still be there to appreciate them with her... But I know the feeling. I think she came to the right place. How ? , I don't know ... coincidence but I know her feelings too well. My mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer just about a month ago. I know she will go, just don't know when. She is far from me so I will have to find another photographer to understand very well the meaning of what we do.

I love you mom ! Thank you for everything you did while I was growing up, its my turn now.

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