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About me


Business and Family Photographer

South Florida Professional Portrait Photographer

Luigi Modesti

I was born to a 100% Italian family and brought up that way. My story begins with my dad's beloved Minolta Camera. I was only 12 when I borrowed it for the first time and immediately fell in love with it.  I used to go to the local library to read magazines, books and then back home to try the new things just learned, not realizing that this practice was paving my way into craft.

I have a personal commitment to excellence since my younger years, paired with a natural passion for the artistic and technical aspects of the craft is what I believe makes me unique in the market.  But to me, photography is now a business and I  understands the nature of it, at the same time, I try not to forget the human connection and artistic part of it.  Today, I continue to be committed to be producing quality images that reflect the goals and visions of my clients. I truly believe "Everyone Looks Great" and when in front of my camera this inner believe and vision helps me find and create the right moment to be captured and then delivered.    

Today, PhotographybyLuigi is a very professional and Service oriented business committed to Excellence and Quality. My personal goal is to give every client something to remember their special moments by.  Whether the images I create, the personal service I strive to provide, I feel these two combined are very powerful.

Please take a moment to see the range of work we provide; from Business Portraiture, Commercial Product Photography, Conference Event Services, Brand Building, all the way to Family Photography and Special Family Events.

Where Everybody looks Great !

Luigi's Top 3 Personal Values
Responsibility, - He will strive to deliver what you contracted him for.
Truth-fullness, - What you see is what you get.  He won't make false promises. 
Integrity, - He is not built to deceive.
Luigi Modesti
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