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Corporate Photography Services

How it works

PhotographybyLuigi Corporate Events Information

Typical Process for working with a Corporate Client

Event Photography Services can be arranged in two ways:   Customized Packages  or  Services by the hour. 


Customized Packages are created for projects with certain complexity and having specific requirements.  The customer will usually have specifications that need to be met.  Projects can span more than one day or divided in several sessions over a period of time.  Many times  the services require more than one photographer and special coordination.  A consultation is required to build you the proper customized service package.  We want to hear all the specifics so we can make sure we meet all the requirements of your Project. 

Services by the hour, when requirements are straightforward, services can be contracted and booked online. Simple enough.  We will take the instructions from the customer and note them down prior to your conference. We want to make sure we satisfy your goals and objectives.  This service was also created to address the needs of small and budget-based projects.  Minimum of two hour service required.  This fee applies per photographer.  Services could also span more than one day.  For pop-ups or extra additional hours need to be approved during the session and will be billed at at a later time.

Please contact me for additional details and information.  I look forward to deliver.

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