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A Good Picture can Boost your Esteem

Sometimes people will come in front of my camera with the firm believe that they are not good looking and they are not going to look good, yet they need a Profile Picture just like everyone else in Business. This has little to do with the photographer or even less with the equipment, than it has to do with their own personal inner perception. To my surprise, sometimes it is some of the most good-looking people the ones that have this inner-perception. Call it personal issues, I don't care. I won't pretend to be a psychologist here but what I can say is that I see what they don't see. I see beauty and personality no matter how you look. To me it is more about how you feel about yourself and how you feel in general. So more than working on photographing you, I am working on making you feel good. Because to me it is very simple: if you feel good you will look good. It really is that simple. This will show in your face and it will in turn, make you look good in the picture. How happy are they when they see themselves in this new profile picture. The bigger effect is: I have just boosted their self-esteem even if it is by a little bit. This translates into the day to day. From now on, they have possibly changed their perspective of themselves. I have boosted their esteem. I call that the power of photography. The power of making things and people look great ! If a simple but good picture can boost your self-esteem and this in turn will boost your confidence, so be it. do it. Boost IT ! .

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