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Business and Family Portrait Photographer

Common F.A.Q.

Call us directly for more information


When will I get my images?


After you have made your selections from your Proof Gallery, we will begin post-processing on your files. At this time your job will go in a queue on a first come first serve basis.  Completion could take between 7-14 business days depending on type of work and  workload.  Many times is less than this, but we encourage you to make your selections as soon as possible.  If you need faster delivery, we offer rush processing for additional fees.


Do you offer Digital Files ?

Yes.  Our packages are all inclusive packs that contain the digital files according to your purchased session and also prints of different sizes and styles.  Artwork is usually optional and can be purchased separately. 


Can you give a discount ?

Although we do not give discounts on our fixed packages, we do from time to time customize our offers depending on your particular needs.  Ask for more information.


How much do you Charge ?

Packages pricing along with what's included in them are listed under the specific category in the Booking Menu section of this website.  You can reserve your session by booking your date directly on this website.


How do I buy Art-work ?

If you decide to add Wall-Displays or Art-work to your purchase, we will generate a separate invoice or include in the current balance.  The invoice is emailed to you. Artwork orders are then sent to the Lab for processing.  We will give you an estimate of work completion depending on the type of work selected and workload at the time of purchase.


Do I need to use the entire number of service hours in my booking?

Our Services are considered up to the number of hours listed in your booked service. Except for Service strictly contracted by the hour, the rest are estimates we may need.  Some Portrait session flow much faster and others a bit slower depending.  While taking portraits In the field sometimes we may be a bit under, sometimes a bit over. And that's OK.  It is about knowing we have the results you need and we are after. 


What happens if I do not attend my session.

We try to be as flexible as possible. We understand things happen.  Please let us know in advance and we will try to work with you. In many cases you can reschedule your session depending and according to our standard business policies.  Rescheduling fees may apply.  You have 30 days to reschedule your session before it is completely cancelled. After this period you would need to book a new session altogether.


How do I make my selections ?

24-48 hours (excluding Sundays) after we finish your session, we will create and post a proof gallery online for you to access your images and select your favorites pictures as part of your purchased package.  Instructions are emailed to you during this phase of the process.


What if I buy Artwork ?

If you select to include Wall Displays or Art-work as part of your order,  it will add additional processing times to the whole order.  We will give you an estimate based on the type of work being ordered.


Where is your Studio ?

We have moved, we now have a home garage studio set in Weston, FL .  See contact page or email us for more details.


How do I pay you ?

Bookings Reservations are taken online with a 50% deposit, with credit card.

The final invoice with remaining balance is emailed to you after the session and it is also processed online the same way. 


What if I want to print my own Artwork ?

Although our all inclusive packages do include the digital files, and those are given to you as part of your purchase, the files will in fact be good enough to reprint up to a size of approximately 8x10 without significant loss of quality.  As a professional photography business we ask that if you need to print bigger enlargement or professional artwork, that you do come to us.  We guarantee the work you get is produced with the higher quality possible that represent our standards in a manner that is in line with our professionalism.


What happens if I go way over my time.

In certain cases we are flexible when we go over your session's time.  Things can happen and we understand.  However, some other situations do require attention. In those scenarios where you reach a 15+min reasonable threshold, we may ask you if you need us to stay longer and would like to contract additional hour(s) of service, and most of the time this depends on the particular case. But we will let you know in advance.

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