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Family Portrait Photographer

Family Sessions

How we work

PhotographybyLuigi Family Session Information

What should you know about my Service

PhotographybyLuigi works with the heart and really hard to get you what you have in mind.  I will first start a connection with your family and with your children by having a consultation session prior to the photography session. This can be in live-video or in-person.  I like to speak with your kids and to your whole family if possible, so they get to know me before they see me with a camera.  My intention is to get to know everyone a little bit and to make them as comfortable as possible with me; and with what I do. and of course, the other way around too.

How do I do this ?  By establishing a connection, we get to know each other a bit. I try to converse and play a little bit with the young kids before and if possible during the session. These puts the kids at ease and they now have a familiar face in front of them.  Once they see me with the big camera, they already know who I am; the photographer who will take cool pictures of them.

During the consultation session, I will determine what you are looking for.  I want to hear what you have in mind first. From there, we will select and agree on your preferred location; perhaps you might already have one in mind or I will suggest if you don't.  I will help you with clothes' selection and color combinations that better suit your personalities and your wardrobe. I'd like to ensure to the best of your possibilities, that the entire family’s outfits compliment each other, and colors make a pleasant fit all together.

During the photographic session, my goal is to capture the true essence of your family.  Depict your family the way you all really are. If they kids are active, well we will take active photos. If they are good following instructions, we can try a few posed ones.  And many times, I even combine the two approaches into one big fun session. 

I highly recommend to book your session with plenty of time ahead so we can go over these preparations, and successfully execute all the phases of your Photographic Session.


I love photographing at the park or at the beach. I love the intense and/or the pastel colors either at sunrise or sunset when nature’s offers their best creating such beautiful backdrops.  When colors brighten up behind you is a unique moment that conveys a serene, peaceful feeling I hope you take back home with you and relive every time you look at your images.

PhotographybyLuigi Process with Customer

Typical Process with a Customer

After your photography session is finished, typically 24 to 48hrs from your session you will get a link to your online gallery where you can review and select the best shots from your session.


Typically around this time and prior to your gallery unveiling, you get a final invoice with remaining balance of your purchased session. 


Once you have made your image selections and determined print sizes or any additional art-work you may be interested in,  I will begin post-processing work and invoice any additional charges if any. 


For Artwork and Big Enlargements Prints, I do work exclusively with one of the best print labs in USA and the work produced will meet our standards in service and quality.  It may take around 1 to 3 weeks depending on the type of art requested and the work-load at the moment of your purchase to ship the final product to you. Your prints are boxed in our beautiful branded boutique packaging.  You get your digital images in a USB branded flash drive or via download, and your paper prints are done in museum grade archival professional paper.  

I love what I do and you can be absolutely assured, I will pour all my heart into every job I do to ensure that your photos and photo-session will work from beginning to end.

Looking forward to meeting you and to exceed your expectations.

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