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How do you determine who the right Photographer is ?

The decision is usually reduced to a few components; 1- The Style of the Photographer; Does his/her Photography speak to me ? Is this what I am looking for, do the pictures in his/her portfolio resemble what I have in mind or maybe they represent something meaningful that I even didn't know about. 2-Service and Quality: Does this Photographer seem like he/she has a serious business that concentrates not only in photography but in service and quality of work. Look online for reviews of past customers, read what previous clients are saying more than just the stars. Is what they say inline with my expectations ? Check if the photographer is consistent through his/her work in different platforms. 3- The competition is fierce, so when all other things are matched, the last components sometimes most important for most is price. Am I willing to pay his cost to get what I want, or should I go with less expensive if all I want is easily met by anyone else. Although there are other components that may or may not be less important for everyone, the addition of all these equals to the value I am willing to pay to get what I desire. The recommendations by family and friends or even in Facebook groups can be overwhelming but using this knowledge you can start narrowing down to your best choice.

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