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The meaning of what we do

In the years I have been doing this work, no other time have I been more shocked or had even a reason to be, than just about a month ago while watching the news, I saw one of my most dear clients on TV. She was being reported as a victim of a horrific hit-and-run. She fought for her life, and survived multiple injuries to the head and body. She now finds herself rehabilitating, relearning all the things we take for granted. This is one of the pictures I took of the three sisters. Lynn is the one in the middle. I have not had the possibility to see her, probably won't for a long while so I look back at this picture and the many I took of her family and can only pray that they do get the chance to smile together again. But when they do get this chance to do so, their father will no longer be there with them anymore... And that brings me back to the meaning of what we do. To all photographers out there, take your jobs seriously, you have no idea the impact your pictures may be making for your client's future.

Lynn, I dearly hope you get the chance to make your life full of those great smiles again and that you can do this very soon. !

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