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It takes work to look good

Would you show up all sloppy to a job interview, would you not fix yourself up for a social gathering or a formal business meeting ? It is no different from the picture that will represent your image to the world. Besides the outfits, It takes 3 important items for a lady (Hair, Makeup, and Nails) and a bit less than that for a man. But the idea is the same: You are investing in an image that will represent you, and will be potentially seen by hundreds if not thousands. Do you not want to look your best ? Do you not want to project you best self. Number 1-: Your physical appearance is paramount, not just because it will make you look good, but moreover , it will make you feel good. And guest what, if you feel good you look good. It is a cycle. That brings me to number 2- If you look good and feel good, it will show in your face, yes, the transmission of those feelings will surface through the expression on your face. It's that simple. !

This is half of the battle. The Photographer will do the rest, but if this half of the battle is not conquered prior to the photographer's job, there is little the photographer will be able to do. Yes, we do magic in post-processing, Photoshop, digital retouching; you name it. But what is not taken care prior to what the lens will capture, there will be very little the computer will be able to do. It looks best to capture the best prior to downloading the images to the computer, than trying to fix what you forgot later.

Take care of yourself prior to your image, you are investing in the image, invest in looking good prior to the image and you will get the best results. !

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