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How to look good in Headshots !

First and foremost, for me it comes down to one simple statement; If you feel good, you will look good. It's that simple. So what do we do to feel good. ? This can be a complex subject but we are going to stick to photography, in this case; Headshots !

For those minutes you will be in front of the camera there are a few quick tips to follow;

1- Immediately silence that inner voice that says you do not look good in pictures, it's not true. If you genuinely believe you will look good, trust me on this one, you will look good.

2- Although I cannot stretch the physiological area enough, there are in fact, many aspects of physical appearance involved in all of this though. You must work on them as well, mainly because when you feel you look good, that will in turn show in your face expression. And that continues to be my main point.

3- Follow my dressing guidelines, take care of Hair, Facial Hair for men, Nails, and many other tips that I send to you prior to your session. But here is the thing about making yourself look sharp; The photographer whether me or somebody else is also a human. I will feel inspired to photograph you when I see you took the time to take care of yourself and what it takes to look good prior to your session. It makes me feel that this is important to you and this will in turn inspire me to photograph you. This is so important. The complete opposite effect happens when you show up with a simple wrinkle shirt and no hair done, etc.

4- Last tip for now; During the session; have fun, enjoy the moment and work with the photographer. This is where I take part in the process. We are shooting digital , that is so beautiful. We can see right away the images we are getting and the ones we don't like, discard them and keep working together until we nail it. Have patience, not everyone is a super model, actually that is the minority. So no worries everyone can look good because beauty takes form when it comes from inside. Your face will show it. As I said; If you feel good, you will look good.

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