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How PhotographybyLuigi came about...

Updated: May 2, 2018

Welcome to my Blog, my very first post ! - I'd like to use this column to give people a bit of insight into PhotographybyLuigi. I will show what I am all about to those that want to know a bit more about the real me.

Coming from a 100% Italian Family, I knew I had to infuse my heritage into my business personality.

So what is this little guy doing in this post if we are talking about my Italian Heritage. Well, it wasn't until this family session where the kids starting asking me about Mario, and if he was going to take pictures of them along with me... Isn't kids imagination a great source of marketing material ?

I created PhotographybyLuigi in 2013 and it keeps growing, For every new customer we find, we make one more 5 start happy client. Every time, I am proud to say !!!

Back to my story, I decided to invite Luigi to my Family Sessions, I even bought him his own little camera.

How Photography was born ?

I have been doing Photography for many years, first was a hubby, I did a lot of Nature Photography back in time, visited many National Parks, I then went amateur, then semi-pro, but one day back in 2013 I was approached by a co-worker who had seen my photography and needed head-shots for her clients. I accepted and that is when I created my very first happy client, client to this day.

PhotographybyLuigi now offers a range of Portraiture with a main focus of Corporate Photography - Business Head-shots and Events Photography.
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