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Family Sessions



Our Family, Maternity, Children and Engagement sessions all fall under the same category of Family Portrait Photography. Packages are listed on the Booking Menu under the Family Category.

They are covered by essentially the same pricing structure.  For more accurate pricing information visit the booking menu above, or call us at 954-302-7507 for more details.

Our Special Events packages such as Communions, Baptisms, Graduations, Birthdays, Reunions or any other Family Events will be found under the Family Events packages section of the booking menu on this site.

Graduations Portraits

Our graduation Portrait sessions are simple and straightforward.  They are done at the location of your choice, such as his/her University - School or any other location

Images will range from Cap & Gown to casual and personality portraits.  Your images will be ready for your Invitation or Thank you cards afterwards.

The session is only the Portrait session, if you have a Celebration Party, I recommend to select from Family Events Packages which will cover both. See more information below or check the Bookings menu above.

You can select and receive your Digital Files included or optionally print size 8x10 if you wish to. 

Large Mounted Artwork or Wall Displays can be purchased separately.  We also design and print Thank you cards, albums, table books and more.  Ask us for more details 


Family Event Packages

Our Family event packages are one special deal because they all include a Portrait session already built-in to the package, as well as capturing all those special moments from family gatherings, party, celebration and more. 


Depending on the purchased package you will be able to split your services among one or more days. 

After the session is completed, you will be invited to a ordering session where you will have the chance to see all our products from albums to individual prints, to wall displays artwork and much more.  This ordering session can be a visit to your home where I bring samples of our work, or if your time is constrained, it can be done online with virtual shows.   Either way, it will require for you to schedule an appointment to meet with us.

The two advantages to this model is that you are able to select and spend within your wishes and budget.  Nothing will be obligated.  Everything will be of your choice and selections.

Family & Children Portraits

PhotographybyLuigi offers three different session options.

-The Basic Session is a-la-carte kind of mini-session where you pay for the sitting and then purchase your photographs of your choice individually. If you like to order your final artwork products individually this is the option for you. 

-Standard Portrait Pack is about 1 hour session for standard families.  In the package you get included your digital images, small 8x10 prints, and a 11x14 large prints.

-Exceptional Portrait Pack is a 2+ hours session with almost no limits.  The best option we offer.  In this package you get essentially all your digital files. You can print images in 8x10, 11x14, up to 13x19 inches, all delivered in beautiful boutique packaging or you can turn them into nicely designed table-book album or magazine style. Also with this package are included Large Professional Prints you can frame/hang on your walls.

For more detail as to what is currently included in each collection, visit the Booking menu section above.


​​Our Sessions are done at Community Parks, Beaches or any other location of choice.

We offer a variety of Print ArtWork such as acrylic, metal, wood, vinyl printed products as well as Albums and Table books.

For more information and details call us at 954-302-7507.

Solo Portrait Sessions

Our Solo Portrait  Sessions which are also good for High School Seniors or Personal Brand Building is a very special hallmark I hold dearly.

Sessions are essentially about 4 hrs. We will come up with different settings creating a variety of looks from Casual or Personality Portraits to formal or by customer's choice.

- You can choose images from the full session. You will receive all the digital files from the selected images.  From your selected images you print 8x10's and large 13x19 or you can turn them into a nicely designed Table book

Sessions can be done Outdoors or on the location of the customer's choice, such as your school or any other of your preference.

You can add Indoor Studio formal Shots at a Professional Large Studio Set for an additional $100 fee., or we can setup studio gear at your home for no additional fee.  Several Looks are included in this session.

Collections and Package Contents

Our offers change from time to time. To see up-to-date details of what our Collection Packages and Sessions offer, please visit the Booking Menu tab of this website. 

We offer two different ways to work, you can book your session only for a sitting fee or All inclusive Collections.  You will be given the opportunity to have an ordering appointment where you can choose Artwork that works for you.  We offer Large Prints, Acrylics, Metal, Wood and Collages, Canvas and ThinWraps, Coffee Table books or Design Albums.

Please visit our booking section for details and pricing information for each of our offerings.

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