Business Portraits Sessions Information

The Profile Shot - LinkedIn

The Profile Shot is approximately a 30min session exclusively created with LinkedIn and Realtors in mind.

This shot is used for your professional profile: LinkedIn, social media, web or Business Cards.

We provide a one(1) Digitally retouched image, one outfit and setting.  Typically a customer will choose a neutral color backdrop. 

At the end of the session you are presented with an online gallery from which you will be able to select your favorite image from.

Additional retouched images can be purchased separately.

This Session is typically done on studio site located in Weston.  Travel fees may apply.  Call for Group Rates.

Standard Session

The Standard Session is a middle ground session providing a bit of both worlds. A compromise between the Profile Shot and the Executive Session.  One(1) hour session which delivers a standard head & shoulders as well as a Half-body Portrait.  Provides great flexibility for a middle price.

With the Standard Session you will have 2 retouched images in up to two difference settings, you can change one outfit. The settings can be indoors office and/or neutral color backdrop.

This package delivers 2 retouched and enhanced images.

Includes coaching, tips and guidelines you  need to look your best.

Call us to schedule your session or book directly online under the booking menu above, select the Executive Portraits Category sessions..

Corporate Events

Hourly or by Package. Documenting Corporate or Social Events, highlighting the key moments to create images your brand needs to build its presence. 

As an Event Planner, your goal is to assist your clients plan for a successful event. As a Corporate Photographer, my goal is to chronicle the most important moments of the event, capturing and highlighting those moments that will strengthen my client’s brand and foster relationships.

If your need is to document your corporate, business or social events, PhotographybyLuigi is your one stop.


Call me to scope and details of the event and the pricing that fits your budget resources.

Executive Portraits

The Executive Portrait session is a two hour session which delivers amazing flexibility not found anywhere else in the market.

With the Executive Session you will have the chance to create a range of different images to portray your business personality or brand.

In this session we can change settings three times with up to 3 outfit changes. The settings can vary from Indoors or office to neutral color backdrop to outdoors set, all in one session. This ends up creating a range of possibilities to build your personal brand.  You end up with images you can use for different purposes such as; Website, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Printed Publications, org-charts, etc. 

The package delivers 3 digital retouched and enhanced images, 3 different settings as noted above and you can change outfits as you please.

We will coach you and give you the guidelines you  need to look your best.

All you get from this session has no equal in the market. Call us to schedule your session.

Brand Images

Brand Imaging means If you have a need to create specific and personalized images for your brand, for your Website, Digital Marketing, Social Media, News Publications and beyond, you come to us.

You tell us what your needs are and give us your specifications. We will work with you, your marketing department, and  your talent to produce the results you are after. 

These personalized sessions must be consulted to determine specific needs, times, and entire length of the production so we can price the best solution for your budget.  Contact us to talk details.

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