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Will all my family look good in our pictures ?

This is the number one worry every mom whose hiring a photographer whether for the holiday pictures, a vacation, or a family event will have in mind. Although one of the main photographer's responsibility is to actually make sure everyone looks technically good in the photographs, what can you do as a client to assure this will be the case ?. My first piece of advise is always the same: If everyone is happy, they feel good about themselves and have their minds set to have a good time, guess what: They will undoubtedly look good in their pictures. Because it is all about how you feel that makes anybody good-looking or attractive. Other aspects such as the clothing, hair, nails for the ladies, grooming and neatness for the guys will tremendously help in making you feel good about yourself, and when everyone shows up looking spectacular to the session, you are transmitting to the photographer that everyone in fact cares enough to put the effort for a best outcome. This could be seen as a two way street; if the photographer sees the work that have been done into coming for a photographic session, this is motivating and inspiring as well. There are surely many other factors involved, but when this little detail is considered, we are already on the our very good way to create great


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